When we moved into our current house a few months ago, my husband and I bought a reel mower. Can I tell you? I LOVE IT! We still have a lawn service come every 2 weeks because we aren't good at keeping up with the lawn, but I mow on the off-weeks and my husband does the weed-eating. Why use a reel mower, you ask?
1. It's good exercise. I work up a sweat, but not so much that I'm sore the next day.
2. No air or noise pollution. See this post at Crunchy Domestic Goddess.
3. We save money by doing it ourselves. I'd love to work up to doing the yard every week, but one step at a time. :)

Well, school's out and that means I might stop neglecting Compounding Interests. I don't have anything interesting to post at the minute, but know that there's more to come. :)

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