So we've been trying to be better at a variety of things related to food: eating healthfully, eating at home, eating what's in the pantry/fridge - rather than getting new, fun stuff at the grocery, etc. Tonight we had a most-delicious (and easy!) dinner, so I thought I'd share. It's not rocket science, but maybe it'll give others a new idea.

Shrimp Stirfry
- We had a TON of cooked rice in the fridge from a party last night. It was white rice. In the future, we'll use brown rice.
- Frozen veggies
- Mini-Shrimp
- Peanut oil
- Sesame oil
- Mushrooms (I'm SO NOT a cook, and don't even know what kind I bought! Haha)
- Coconut oil
- White pepper
- Garlic salt

Because my little one is under 2, and I think he's not supposed to have shrimp and my husband doesn't like mushrooms, the order in which I cooked things, could be made easier. :)

I put a little sesame oil and some peanut oil in a deep, large skillet on medium. I added the frozen veggies and let them cook awhile. Meanwhile in a smaller skillet, I sauteed some cooked mini-shrimp in coconut oil. After a couple of minutes, I added the cooked rice to the veggies and mixed it all up. While all that cooked on medium, I chopped up my mushrooms. When the shrimp looked finished I added them to the rice and veggies to cook together. I added some water so it wouldn't dry out. To season the mixture, I sprinkled some white pepper and garlic salt. Then I sauteed some more shrimp and my mushrooms in more coconut oil in the small skillet. After that looked done, I added that to my serving of the rice. It was a delightful dinner, Munchkin ate his, and hubby said it was one of his favorites that I've made. A winner all around!

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