Why we blog, part one

I'm not really sure why we started this blog, but we hope it offers us a place to discuss the competing (or compounding) interests we face as we start our family (as I type, my wife is laying in the hospital bed across the room, in the early stages of labor). First and foremost, we want our lives to glorify God and our savior Jesus Christ. Second, we feel it is our Christian calling to respect, preserve and protect this place we call Earth. Finally, we'd love to save money in the process.

Is this a religious blog? Yes. Is this a "green living" blog? Yes. Is this a family blog? Yes. Is this a personal finance blog? Yes. Trying to squeeze all of these topics in one Web site is why we've decided to call this Compounding Interests.

We hope you enjoy what you read here, and maybe learn something along the way. Please participate in the discussion and hopefully teach us something new. Feel free to drop us a line at compoundinginterestsblog@gmail.com.


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