The Cost of Cloth 5

When we last left the cloth ledger, I was at $461.84.

Here's the latest:

From a mom at a local diaper chat-
1 used Froggie M Fuzzi Bunz - old style $7
1 used WAHM largish fitted $7

From a different mom, 1 month later:
1 used L Dream Eaze AI2 $12
1 new M old style Fuzzi Bunz w/insert $12

From Nicki's Diapers:
2 Babykicks Hemparoo doublers $10, but I had a gift cert., so, FREE :)

From a local resale shop:
1 used large fitted made from recycled tshirt w/liner $8
2 used large fitted Cuddlebums w/snap-in liners $20
1 new DiaperChange University of Texas pocket $17.95

Total: $545.79

Keep in mind this is all new money, as opposed to me selling diapers that are too small and using that money to size-up (which is one way to go). We plan to keep the diapers to use with our kids in the future. Then if they're worth anything after 3-4 kids, we'll sell them or donate them to Miracle Diapers. So even if our cost of cloth is similar to what we would spend on disposables for 1 kid, we make up the savings for each subsequent kid.


What an intriguing way to look at it all!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

September 9, 2008 at 7:30 PM  

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